Gather all of your online needs in one place. Mix them with some website analytics, a sprinkle of  security, and a dash of personalised service and what do you have? A recipe for complete, online peace of mind for your website or business.

With today’s age of everything online, it can be hard to manage all the tasks that go with having a website. As a result, you may have your domain name with one company, your web designers and developers with another and lastly, your hosting and marketing campaigns spread even further afield. 

At Blockweb Digital Solutions we aim to make your online business life easy. To do this, we tailor your website requirements to your business style. From designing everything to do with websites and marketing to building the site, and hosting it with a custom package. 

Want to take your site further? Our online marketing campaigns will shine the spotlight on your business . From simple emails to complete Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies. Let Blockweb manage  your site content, the more you update, the higher up the SERP your site goes. 

Blockweb Services

Blockweb hosting features

Are you tired of being just another number to the big hosting companies? Is your business affected being lost in the crowd? Blockweb is here to help with all of your hosting needs. Have a look at what we’re offering!

Benefits of outsourcing your website design and development

At Blockweb Digital Solutions, we have team of highly-trained web designers, who can bring to the table truly creative solutions and years of experience. The advantages of outsourcing your web design and maintenance to us are:

Transparent business contracts and comprehensive SLAs

You will have well-defined and trackable SLAs, set in a completely transparent business contract.

Access to state-of-the-art security patches

You will benefit from the latest updates and patches, immediately upon release.

Complete client involvement

You will be kept in the loop and your insights sought at every stage of the web design process.

Very low personal liability

We will take complete end-to-end responsibility of your new website and you won’t ever be bogged down by operational concerns.

Immense cost savings

You can save up to 20% in total development costs by not investing in in-house facilities and talent.

Expertise of the best

You will have the very best in the industry bringing you the latest knowledge in web development tools and practices.

Multi-disciplinary service offerings

From UX teams to QA’s to SEM specialists to project managers, you will receive inputs and support from experts from various fields.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee satisfaction! Here at Blockweb Digital Solutions, we won’t rest until you’re fully satisfied.

Money Back Guarantee

In order to provide a confident and satisfied environment for our customers, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. No paperwork to complete and no catches.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

If your service is not operational for the guaranteed amount of time we will apply a pro-rated credit to your account on request to our billing team.

24/7 Support

All emails or tickets receive priority attention by our support engineers. Any urgent issues that result in downtime to the day to day operations of your business, will receive the highest quality attention.

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