Augmented Marketing

A new way to market

Augmented Marketing helps you to create impactful campaigns with added dimension.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses and organisations of all sizes is how to capture and hold the attention of their target audience in the digital age. Creating relationships and satisfying customers underpins the discipline of marketing and sound, relevant communications will always advantage your enterprise in achieving this.

In a fast moving consumer marketplace the presentation of your message is everything and with such a visual and media-saturated landscape it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. This is why many businesses are looking to novel technologies to find exceptional ways of making that essential customer connection.

…many businesses are looking to novel technologies to find exceptional ways of making that essential customer connection.

Augmented Marketing or augmented reality marketing is coming to the fore as an effective means of not only engaging but delighting your audience. This is a powerful marketing tool that utilises augmented reality technology to create novel multi-media consumer experiences that deliver your brand and its message in a bold and stimulating way.

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Gain advantage over competitors by communicating your value proposition in a new way.

Augmented reality can be used to literally reach out to your customers and grab them by creating inventive and imaginative situations. A great example of this is the runaway success of Pokemon GO!, the smartphone-based AR game. Layering digitally generated images and animation sequences on the real-world environment means that you can connect with your audience in an entirely new way using the objects and views around them. In this way you can easily secure an edge over the more generic forms of marketing, as AR uniquely enables you to enter your customer’s world.

Augmented reality (AR) takes the ‘real-world’ environment and embellishes or enhances it with computer-generated sensory information, typically visual. It is related to virtual reality, but does not completely replace the real-world environment. AR technology transforms natural or every day environments and situations, impacting users to create truly immersive experiences.

Augmented marketing strategy ensures that your business and brand has all bases covered.

Successful augmented reality marketing campaigns delivered by big business brands such as Gucci, IKEA, Foot Locker and Mercedes Benz have clearly demonstrated the positive reception and adoption of AR as a viable marketing method. Early adopters of this technology are benefiting from:

Augmented reality is soon to become a mainstream advertising method, so it is well worth exploring what can be achieved for your organisation and securing your position in the market.

AR technology allows you to encode information, images and animation in everyday objects.

With augmented reality you can ‘tag’ real world objects, environments and locations to trigger your created AR sequences. This can be especially advantageous for brands that can use AR to create virtual billboards that travel with your prospective customer. AR technology not only uses tags to activate sequences or images, but also to anchor and position the computer-generated overlays accurately to create the most authentic immersive experiences.

It is also important to not that AR is not only a consumer facing technology but one with a host of B2B, education, healthcare and applications as information presentations, charts diagrams and interactive learning experiences can be superimposed on the real-world view. This ingenious technology is highly adaptable, with its use limited only by your imagination.

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Technical expertise with marketing insight means you have the best opportunity to leverage augmented reality for your enterprise.

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If you are convinced that AR needs to be part of your marketing mix you will need the technical expertise and support to create the custom AR solutions your business needs. The skill-set required to create the features, design and engineering that underpins AR technology may not be readily available in-house. This is why we offer a comprehensive package of AR services to provide the expertise you need to devise, develop and implement a successful augmented marketing campaign.

Lets explore how AR can be used to tell your stories.

If you would like to know more about augmented reality and how it can be harnessed by your business, we are able and available to assist you with everything from exploring your questions and needs, to delivering an entirely custom augmented reality project. We can deliver full AR marketing campaigns or work under the direction of an in-house marketing management. Starting the process is as simple as reaching out and contacting us.

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