How to Create a Blog Post with WordPress (2019)

Misunderstanding is a great destroyer of value. And in the case of writing a blog post, business owners the world around are literally daily missing out on billions of real business profits… …by simply… Not blogging. “Can you expand on that?” I hear you ask… Why, I’m glad you did! I’m about to give you 6 great reasons why (if you haven’t already) you ought to personally invest daily blogging time. So…

No.1 for why you should write a blog post for your business today?

Sheer volume of potential customers you could reach via the web. According to over 58% of the entire world population use the internet.

No.2 for why writing a blog should be your top business priority today?

The purpose of the overwhelming majority of web users is to search. They want their questions answered. As quoted within Search Engine Watch, some 92% of total internet users (yes, that’s over half of the world population) engage in search online.

No.3 for why you should write a blog post to benefit your business today?

Anyone, from beginner level to expert in blogging can easily access enough of a share of the online audience to make it more than worth their while. Ahrefs, a leading online digital marketing software provider, analysed 1.9 billion keywords which their customers had submitted to their user database. What they found was that a staggering 92.42% of these keywords were, by comparison, longer more descriptive search terms (5+ words) which were also very poorly competed for by content owners online. Such search terms are known within the search industry as ‘low hanging fruit’ i.e. easy pickings for all abilities!

No. 4 for why writing a blog post could be your most profitable business move today

Generate loads of new business for years to come, with little more invested that just a few minutes per day. According to Hubspot, leading online marketing software vendors, blogging = more business profit for the long term. Fact. Their research study claims that statistically, higher blogging frequency and increasing overall volume of blog content on your business website could serve you with over 4-times as many customer enquiries than websites that don’t blog.

No. 5 for why a WordPress blog post should be your choice if you were thinking of business blogging today

WordPress is the no.1 instrument of choice for bloggers of all kinds. W3Techs, providers of internet usage survey report data, assert that 34.5% of all websites in 2019 use WordPress software. Why so popular among website owners? Because of its blogging credentials. More bloggers use WordPress than any other blogging software in the world. Why don’t you?

No.6 for why you shouldn't skimp on writing a blog post for your business today

More customers buy from businesses which help to answer their questions for free. Marcus Sheridan, aka The Sales Lion – now a leading authority of online digital marketing strategy, started his journey to becoming an advisor to business owners on success through using blogging by… Being just like them. Marcus was once a struggling business owner facing impending bankruptcy during the credit crunch. Having tried all kinds of marketing which failed to deliver the results of a turnaround, he stumbled upon the financially rewarding business discipline of blogging. In a little over 18 months, he turned around the fortune of his failing pool installation business from being in the red to… millions of dollars in the black… by simply, answering his customers technical product based questions – for free – by blogging. The results totally changed Marcus’s understanding of marketing and in return his spin off consulting business does exactly the same for scores of CEOs, MDs and CMOs across the world.

Are you persuaded, yet? Getting there?

What you read next should really bring home how easy it is to write a blog post using WordPress. So without any further ado, here are the steps to create your first blog post in WordPress.

How to Create a Blog Post with WordPress

Step 1

Login to the back-end of your WordPress. The URL will look something like this –

Login To WordPress

Step 2

Roll over Posts in the menu on the left, then click Add New from the fly-out menu.

Rollover Posts > Add New

Step 3

Click the Add title text and enter the title of your Blog Post.

Step 4

Click below the Title and enter the content for your blog.

Click below title

Step 5

 Use the toolbar in the top left of the page to format your content.

Step 5

Step 6

At any time you can Add a Block by clicking thePlus Sign icon in the top left corner toolbar or by hovering your mouse between paragraphs as shown below.

Add a Block

Step 7

When you click the Add block icon, you will see a menu popup as shown below. Click the item you wish to insert.

Step 8

When you’re ready, click Set Featured Image. This will be the image that displays at the top of the Post and as the Thumbnail in listings.

Step 9

Select the options to either allow Comments and Pingbacks & Trackbacks. Pingbacks & Trackbacks let the Internets know your content comes from this site.

Step 10

Use the Save Draft, Preview and Publish… buttons in the top-right corner of the page to Save your current work as a Draft, Preview how the page will look when published and Publish to upload the post to your website.

...and your done!

So there you have it, the definitive business case and tutorial for why you should take up business blogging using WordPress today.

The statistics and industry reports all indicate the sooner you start blogging, the sooner your profits increase…and for longer. The compound financial benefits of business blogging are very tangible and worth every penny (actually blogging costs are negligible compared with other marketing channels). All you need is to line up your customers’ most pressing queries and take the reigns of a WordPress installation to begin your journey of increasing business profits today. It takes only minutes, and it costs almost nothing…it couldn’t get better. Can you afford to lose out?

Get started now and get ahead with writing your first WordPress business blog post. Still not sure? Get in touch with Blockweb, we’re more than happy to help get you started.


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