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If you are looking for an impactful, exciting yet accessible way of sharing your special moments, life events or memories, 360° video is sure to exceed your expectations and delight your audience.

A new way of remembering

If you are looking for an impactful, exciting yet accessible way of sharing your special moments, life events and memories, 360° video is sure to exceed expectations and delight audiences of every kind. With these visually rich and immersive specialist video recordings, you can capture whole moments to share. 360° video goes beyond the mundane to offer an exceptional visual presentation utilising new and innovative technologies. This type of video is certainly not staying in the box – with great uptake by users on Youtube and Facebook, it is fast gaining recognition and popularity as a leading media format.

360° video enables you to welcome others into your point of view.

360° video is gaining traction as an effective tool for captivating media creation. It is novel and allows your viewers to really experience and interact with what is going on. With these exciting videos, you can really pack in everything you want to show which can be greatly limited when just using generic video.

Visually rich scenes can then be explored rather than just watched. 360° videos tend to be watched for longer and have greater levels of interaction, making them a great format for creating a video you want to be seen and shared widely.

So, what exactly is 360° video?

360° degree video is a special form of video recording where the view is recorded in every direction simultaneously. This creates video recordings where the viewer can view the playback in any direction or the video can be displayed via a virtual reality headset offering a truly immersive video experience. Also known as spherical video, these recordings can be likened to circular panoramas where viewers enjoy control of what they see.

Is 360° video the same as VR?

360° degree video has similarities with virtual reality but is not the same as it is live-action and limited to the range of view that has been filmed. It does not always require VR headsets like the Oculus Go headset and can be just as readily enjoyed on a compatible flat screen.

Click and drag the image to look around.

How is 360° video made?

The creation of 360° degree video is reliant on specialist equipment and technology. These videos go beyond ordinary videography and require either a specific omnidirectional camera with multiple lenses or erection of multiple cameras in covering all angles of view. The cameras and lenses are identical in aperture and frame rate to ensure synchronous recording. Each camera or panoramic lens’ field of view overlaps with the subsequent one to ensure that a 360° degree range of view is covered while filming.

360° degree video production is a technical process and requires planning and a skilled 360° degree videographer for the best results. Using a technique called ‘video stitching’, the resultant images are joined, creating continuous circular footage (equirectangular) for playback. A variety of software is available for correcting any distortion and editing your film.

Example of stitched footage. Also known as Equirectangular footage.

Capture a broad range of experiences.

The range of applications of 360° videos is rapidly expanding as the capabilities of this format are tested. It is clear that 360° videos offer great utility for personal and entertainment activities. The only limitation seems to be one’s own imagination making 360° your first choice for creating something special. Some things just can’t be put into words and 360° offers the best opportunity yet to convey your experiences and perspective to others near and far.

Some of these experiences include:

Enjoying lifetime events such as births, weddings, christenings, and graduations.

Relive your past highlights and special moments of your life again and again.

Take in large scale events such as concerts or sports matches.

Viewers can follow the action from any angle, perhaps even enjoying the performer’s perspective.

Capture epic vacation scenery or wildlife.

Epic travels and holidays can be virtually revisited from home with this immersive media.

Immerse your audience in the experience.

Immersing your viewers means that they enjoy a real escape from the mundanities of everyday life. There is no other format that will work effectively with VR to create such an enriched sensory experience. When partnered with VR technology, 360° video is even more effective. VR headsets such as the HTC Vive headset are ideal for viewing 360° videos, making you feel as if you are really there. Hardware such as the Oculus Go headset and the Oculus Quest headset are increasingly accessible and affordable and are easy to use.

By the way...

The more time you accumulate in VR, the less likely you are to experience discomfort. This learned comfort is a result of your brain learning to reinterpret visual anomalies that previously induced discomfort. Your movements become more stable and efficient which reduces vection (a term used to describe the sensory feeling of moving forward, while remaining stationary).

Benefit from our professional technically astute team on your project.

There can be no better time to create lasting memories with a 360° video that will truly stand out. Professional quality 360° videography is a great investment and offers you the opportunity to devise, plan and create a video that will get the very best out of this ingenious format. Our skilled team is best placed to assist you in capturing exactly what you want to share.

We use innovative equipment and cutting edge techniques to ensure we get the best shots to compile your ideal experience. We can work alongside other contractors you hire such as wedding or event videographers and will direct you to the best headsets and gear for VR video such as the Oculus Quest Headset, sold in our online store, for optimal viewing of your creation.

Arrange an initial consultation with our team to learn more.

If you think that 360° video would enhance your project, simply reach out and contact us for a complimentary consultation about our 360° video filmmaking service. We love to share our enthusiasm and passion for this format. Our team will establish your needs and demonstrate what we can achieve for you. We are able to undertake all aspects of your 360° video production, from development and pre-production, through filming and on to editing and post-production styling for a film with real flair.

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