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“Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.” – Patrick McKenzie

The Web Development Process

A website is a must for business success. Gone are the days when customers pulled out the newspaper to check for product information. If a customer wants to purchase something today, they will visit the company’s website to evaluate what they have on offer.  

But just having a website isn’t enough. Sites must be functional, aesthetic and inviting if they are to be effective in getting more visitors, more click-throughs and more conversions. Research shows that 94% of all web users mistrust and reject brands based on the way their web design looks.

This is where professional web development services like Blockweb Digital Solutions help. 

Our 6-stage web development process
The web development process we follow at Blockweb Digital Solutions is highly-customised. We understand that there is no all-inclusive solution to web design and that each company has its requirements. Our team of experts sit with you and understand your bespoke needs, before hitting the drawing board.

Our web design and web development process includes...

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1. Information collection and scope definition
In the first stage, we will work with you to understand what you want and what your customers expect from you. The focus here is understanding what makes your industry, company, competitors and target market tick.
2. Planning the website
The site map is a map of your website – the pages it contains, the graphics, the links – essentially all the elements that will be present in your fully-formed website.
3. Designing the website
At the design stage, the site will be a prototype created using Adobe design tools. Decisions regarding the fonts to be used, the color palette of the website, the graphics, music, etc.. will be chosen here.
4. Developing the website
The next step is to get your approval of the web design. From there, our developers will write CSS /HTML for your website. They will create shells of the internal pages and leave space for your content and images. All the other interactive elements, graphics, and design features will be implemented into the website. At this stage, your website is an in-progress product, that is finally taking physical shape.
5. Testing and launching the website
After the website is fully developed, it is time to test it. Here, our web developers will test the codes on which your website has been built. The objective is to find any cracks in the coding, to prevent website failures once your website goes live.
6. Post-launch maintenance
The web development process doesn’t end with the launch. It is a continuous process, which involves constant maintenance and upkeep of the website. Our team schedule various daily, weekly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly checks, which are designed to evaluate the condition of your website. If we believe your website is not performing optimally or is vulnerable to hackers or can use better-quality graphics and content, we will do the necessary modifications to transform your website into something better.
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