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It is certain to say that technology is now officially an unavoidable part of running a viable business, organisation or institution in the 21st century. Developments in this sector accelerate at a pace that is dizzying for even seasoned specialists. With so much innovation at hand, it can be overwhelming to know where to start in creating solutions that will impact your business operations and help you remain competitive in a fast-moving marketplace.

This is where we step in.

Here at Blockweb, we know Tech. It is our profession, vocation and expertise. Not only do we know tech but we are enthusiastic about sharing what we know, be it with our clients, at seminars or workshops and now, here on this new blog. Our aim is to take the best of the tech sector and make it simple, accessible and digestible for you. We will round up the best of what is going on in the tech industry, making it understandable and ready to use. Stop by regularly and keep yourself appraised with everything you need to know to use technology effectively in your enterprise.

Blockweb Digital Solutions

Stay ahead on how Technology is impacting your industry.

We hope that you will use this blog to keep abreast of the best technology and internet-based ideas and solutions for your industry. Educationalists can benefit from learning more about the eLearning products and services we develop and small business owners and start-ups will certainly derive value from our handy guides on topics such as web hosting, web design and running a blog. Gurus and industry insiders will appreciate our take on agile working, DevOps and examples of our custom projects. Fellow marketers can glean from our upcoming articles on digital marketing and social media. We welcome all feedback so reach out and share your thoughts.

All the expertise you need to set up and run your business online.

If you are starting or redeveloping your online business, setting up social media accounts or integrating a web-application or e-commerce to your in-house or back-office operations we have all the advice and expertise to get you off to a successful start. We are passionate about our day job – providing leading web design and web hosting services for Australian businesses and organisations. If you are looking for website development, browse our blog to learn more about our services, see examples of our previous work and glean tips and advice on how to make your online business look great and perform exceptionally. Should you need to know more, Blockweb is on-hand to answer questions or provide a quote by phone or email.

Digital Marketing Digest

Nowadays, generating online traffic and audience and those much sought after business leads requires so much more than a static, brochure website. Digital Marketing is an ever-expanding field which involves all marketing activities and techniques that involve the internet. Here at Blockweb, we are looking forward to digging deep on the latest developments in SEO, social media and email marketing and providing you with insights that you will need to have on-hand in your inbox.

Whether B2B or B2C you will need expertise in how to plan and implement a digital marketing campaign that improves your bottom line. We will help you find better ways of connecting with and retaining your online audience as well as how to turn all that traffic into business. Let’s look together at all aspects of content creation and provide the best tactics for getting your message in front of your targets.

Demystifying SEO and getting back to basics.

  • What is SEO?
  • Is SEO all about the first page of Google?
  • Why is my website not generating traffic?
  • Why is my website not visible on search engines?
  • How much does SEO cost?

These are common questions of small business owners who may be puzzled bemused or frankly frustrated about how to navigate the increasingly nebulous world of Search Engine Optimisation. 

As with many industries in these times, there is so much fake news and misinformation which can leave business owners and managers at the mercies of whoever says they can help. We believe it is important to make SEO as simple as possible for our clients and provide both them and you with content that makes SEO easy to understand.

Mastering the major search engines is not always easy but here at Blockweb, we provide understandable effective Search Engine Optimisation strategies which provide sustained and consistent results. We will also take the time to separate the valuable industry news and insights from the junk, leaving you well equipped to make informed marketing decisions and investments.

Insights and tips on how to harness the best of web development for your bottom line.

As seasoned web developers and multi-disciplinary digital marketers, web design and web development are our strength and passion. There are currently so many options and techniques available for creating an exceptional website. Web design is increasing a blend of a variety of media disciplines and for us, the very job is underpinned by solid engineering to ensure great user experience and consistent performance.

We work across all the major web development software (such as WordPress) and programming languages so can inform and guide you to the best solution for your project. As an Australian web design company, staying ahead of industry trends and applying the latest technological advances is an essential part of our work. We will be delighted to share regular industry round-ups, tutorials, and advice which will have you brimming with ideas for your project.

Website Build Process

Must have services, skills and tools.

Blockweb is a full-service development agency brimming with ideas, skills and expertise to serve clients of every size globally. We are almost as old as the internet, with over 30 years of online experience, and a decade building e-learning materials for the Australian government. Having worked across many industries with clients of all sizes and budgets we have gained amazing insights that help us in serving our clients day to day and building online business identities that gain traction quickly. 

We understand that working with a web design and marketing agency is a significant investment on which you expect a return. That is why we will be sharing advice, hints and tips here that will help keep your project on track and results focused. We are always trying out shiny new tools which we think will help us do what we do better. Check in on our blog regularly for reviews of industry-leading tech and marketing tools to help you separate the gems from the duds.

Get the best value from tech skills and services.

If you are looking for a website design or digital marketing agency for your Australian business you are choosing from a vast range of companies of varying size, expertise and reputation.

  • How much should you be paying for web design services?
  • What kinds of packages are available for digital marketing?
  • How do you choose an agency to work with?

We desire to answer these questions and more making it as simple as possible to get your website design project or marketing campaign underway with a reputable agency like us. You want to be sure that you gain the maximum value from business investments so keep reading to ensure that technology you utilise for your enterprise will be market-leading and responsive in changing times.

What are we up to?

The Blockweb team are keen to contribute to this blog and journal the development of our in-house projects. We love the creative process and hope to share work and case studies from our own portfolio. We hope to look at what worked and also reflect on how clients can make their websites and/or content even better. Websites are more than just a pretty picture, so come behind the scenes of our builds to gain an appreciation of the coding and development work which makes every one of our websites a business powerhouse. We hope that you will appreciate our creative and innovative approach to digital design and marketing and come away enriched with some great ideas for your own endeavours.

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